There are varying skills involved in marketing and sales, but they should not be separated. While they differ in departments within a company, they can work together to guide prospects and customers to become paid customers.


In sales, the goal is to guide the customer through a process that involves talking to them about a product or service and then making a purchase. This can be done in person, over the phone, or through social media. The process can take several hours, depending on the situation’s complexity. The salesperson also learns about the customer’s pain points and how the product or service can help them solve them.


Marketing is a more holistic process focusing on increasing consumer brand or product awareness. Usually, a marketing professional only interacts with one customer at a time.

The marketing department’s methods, tactics, and channels are very different from what they were 15 years ago. Digital marketing is still a part of the process, but not always.

Working Together

Despite the importance of both departments, they should not be separated. Together, they can be more powerful than ever.

The nature of sales allows salespeople to gain first-hand knowledge of their potential customers’ sales objections. This is very beneficial as it will enable them to identify areas of their sales that they can improve.

Unfortunately, many companies don’t have the proper alignment between the sales and marketing departments. This is a huge missed opportunity as these departments are so much more than their parts.

Three Levels of Sales and Marketing

  • The emotional level of the sales and marketing teams should be high. They should be able to stand together without pointing fingers or fighting.
  • The process level of the sales and marketing departments should also be high. This should involve having clear communication channels and procedures in place.
  • The feedback level between the marketing and sales teams should be high. This is because, while both departments can produce great leads, they can also make mistakes. A feedback loop is crucial to ensure that both teams work together seamlessly.


One of the most critical factors that the sales and marketing teams should consider when working together is having the necessary knowledge and ideas. This is because both sides can easily reach a common ground if both sides have these.