There is no doubt that many people will find themselves in the position of having to give a sales pitch. Whether it is to sell their company’s product or show their boss they can do a better job than the person who currently has that spot, there will always be people who need help convincing somebody else why they should buy what they are selling.

As with any good sales pitch, the audience should feel like they get something out of these interactions. If they walk out of the room with a set of tools that will help them on their job, they should feel like it was worth the time and effort. Here is how to start a good sales pitch.

Do the Homework

It is important to note that the first step of preparing for a good sales pitch is doing the homework. Active listening is critical when making a sale, and a person cannot do this if they haven’t done any work beforehand. Before a person walks into a room with somebody who needs convincing of their product, they need to have already spent time researching how they feel about it.

Start Strong

There is no time to waste during a sales pitch. It means that when a person walks into the room, they should be ready for action. It is essential not to spend too much time getting caught up on how excited the prospect is about meeting with somebody new and how much they hope for this deal to go through; it needs to get rolling right away.

Keep It Tight

Part of why people’s attention may start to wane is because they have heard most of what they are saying before. When a person is trying to sell somebody, they need to name all its features before asking any other question. If a feature or two doesn’t make it through their pitch before that first question about price comes up, it may signify that something is off.

Stay Positive

Even after a person buys, there will still be some questions that need answering. The customer may need time to think about the pitch, or they may have another question while in the middle of selling them on the idea. It can help to stay positive through these interactions. If a client wants to walk out of the room without answering their question, a person should let them as long as they are still interested in buying the product.

Ask for Their Advice

Asking for advice from customers can be a great way to get positive feedback. It is often another way to end the sale with a positive note, and it also encourages further interaction after the making of the sale. If a person is interested in the product, they will most likely be willing to provide advice and recommendations.


Sales pitches can be hard to prepare for, but if a person takes the time to structure them well in advance, they can effectively get someone to buy. After giving a few demonstrations of the product first and listening attentively to the customer’s feedback, it is possible to have a good pitch and get a sale.