I think about where technology was 10 and 20 years ago and I’m amazed by how far we’ve come. I remember when I was a kid when we didn’t have VHS or cable and really no sophisticated electronics for the consumer to think about besides a TV with an antenna and a record or tape player. Today we’re inundated with information.  Is it helpful?  I’m going to say yes and no.  Business and consumer services move at the speed of light, but what about our children stuck to electronic screens for a good portion of the day?  It’s an interesting time.

Some cool predictions:

1.  AI becoming mainstream is happening now.  In my field of cyber-security, I sell it, but now AI is becoming married with robotics, and scarier, robots that look distinctively human.  Even more scary, sex robots, that will cater to human personalities that get to distinguish which type of personalities they want to interact with.  I believe it’s only a matter of time before we have human-like robots living amongst us, much like the futuristic androids in the Alien movies series. 
2.  Highways becoming safer
Sure, I believe this.  In fact, I’m confident that when my kids get older they won’t be driving anymore.  Driving will be replaced with the self-driving vehicle.  Either ones that fly or drive on the ground – it’s only a matter of time!
3.  Healthcare becoming more like auto-repair
Really?  This is crazy but believable.  A body that will be completely rebuildable by injection in twenty to thirty years.  This will bring us closer to immortality and I believe we are getting there.  The planet will die, but perhaps humanity will live on via evolution to the cyborg and human mesh.  Or organ regrowth every decade so that flesh and blood live hundreds of years or forever.  If that’s the case then Mars colonization or elsewhere is inevitable.  Perhaps our knowledge regarding advanced space travel and alien technologies, which we already have, will finally be revealed to the general public.
4.  IOT that finally works
Absolutely. Technology itself is just getting better, easier, and more reliable.  Can we figure out a way for IOT to make our social media woes, perceptions, and depressions better?
 5.  Security and especially cyber-security solved
Well, I think it behooves an entire industry to not get this solved.  In fact, the continuous cat and mouse game of the good guys and bad guys in cyberspace will probably continue into eternity.