I’ve had times of greatness and times of not-so-greatness.  Times where deals close when you want them to and deals that continue to fall out of the sky and you continue to close.  Opportunities that come up and opportunities that you can never find.  The life of sales is like a wave:  when it rises high up you’ve got to catch it before the next crash and if you catch it right, what a great ride!

What if, however, your sales aren’t closing?  Do you change your strategy?  Listen to Dan Lok, who gives fantastic and innovative advice on why people don’t buy and how to improve your strategies!


Here’s another article by WorldLeaders that gives more reasons why you might not be selling or closing. Let’s go through the scenarios one by one……

  1. Not working with real decision-makers. Are you calling high enough up the food chain or dealing with lower staff that don’t have a budget?  I think all of us have fallen into this trap and it comes with the territory because oftentimes you just don’t have access to the top decision-makers.
  1. Is there a strong business case? If you are selling on feature and function, most likely you are not giving the decision-maker enough ammunition for the business to make the investment.
  1. Quotes instead of proposals. Are you providing enticing proposals with justification to the business or just price quotes with how much it costs to purchase?  You need to make sure your proposal is rock solid.
  1. Submitting instead of proposing. Emailing a proposal instead of presenting it.  Not good.  You need to meet face-to-face and present it.
  1. Not asking for the sale. You have to ask and ask continuously!  You’ll never get anywhere if you don’t ask.
  1. The customer will inundate you with objections. Just human nature.  Be prepared for a stall or pricing objections.  On either front, you need to come armed with redirection and ways to engage in meaningful discussions that involve the value to the business and what they are about to buy.