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About Anthony Bilby

Anthony Bilby is the Founder and General Manager at VegaTech Commercial Group.

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Anthony ‘Tony’ Bilby is the Founder and General Sales Manager at VegaTech Commercial Group. As an IT consultant, Anthony brings a creative and solutions-oriented approach to sales. He listens to customer challenges, fully understands customer needs, and develops strategies around what can better transform the enterprise, increase efficiencies, decrease costs, and increase security. Tony brings a consultative approach; designing what customers need in order to achieve the ideal infrastructure for their business. Tony Bilby is well versed in core sales methodologies and combines them with his real-world working experience.

Anthony Bilby started selling door-to-door when he was seventeen. While most are intimidated by the moment the door opens, that first moment of uncertainty, Tony adapted and began honing his entrepreneurial spirit at a young age allowing him to thrive in this boiler-room-type atmosphere. Tony takes the time to fully understand not only the product he is selling, but the myriad of ways it could be useful to a potential customer.  His in-depth and diverse industry experience gives him the ability to provide real-world examples and analogies to fully explain technical capabilities to non-technical decision-makers.

It is very important to listen, truly understand customer challenges, and then provide as much value as possible.  It not only shows the customer that a consultant is knowledgeable about the product, but that they can also be relied upon and trusted.  It’s also important to stay with the customer for the long haul, never give up, and stay positive.  Sales, in the end, is a contact sport, a numbers game, and the best person to provide the most value, consistently, wins.

In terms of a mentor in sales, Anthony Bilby identifies with Tony Robbins.  Robbins teaches that every person has limitless potential and that if you set your mind to something, focus, and work hard, you can achieve whatever you want.  Visualization has been a big part of Tony’s motivation, believing that if one visualizes success and results, these will manifest into reality. The power of positive thinking can never be understated; and in an industry where every prospect could be a customer, every conversation a potential closed deal, positivity plays a crucial role.

To learn more about Tony’s sales tips, check out his blog.