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Tony Bilby

Tony Bilby is the Founder and General Sales Manager at VegaTech Commercial Group. As an IT consultant, he takes pride in coming up with creative and solutions-oriented approaches to sales and other business elements.

Tony’s sales career began when he was only seventeen years old. At that age, he took the initiative to start going door-to-door with sales pitches. This taught him much about the world of sales, including how much he needed to learn.

Every good salesperson needs to have a mentor or role model in life. For Tony Bilby, that person is Tony Robbins. Tony found him to be a capable role model, one he was capable of identifying with. Following Robbins’ ideals, Tony learned of the power of positive thinking and how it could impact his pitches and more.

Using his experience in the field, Tony established a new company: VegaTech Commercial Group. Here he applies all of the skills and techniques he learned over the years.

Tony Bilby grew up in Europe and Germany. This fact, alongside his family history, inspired Tony’s love of travel. This is fortunate, given that his job requires a lot of travel.

One of Tony’s favorite trips was the time he traveled through Turkey. This experience allowed him to meet the people, experience the culture, and witness unique buildings and landscapes. It is something that always stuck with him.

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Extrahop Masters Club 2018

Extrahop Masters Club 2021

Extrahop Masters Club 2019

Unicom Achievers Club 1998 – 2006

Extrahop Masters Club 2020