Sales emails and phone pitches are the bread and butter of any business, no matter what industry people are in. People likely spend a lot of time crafting them to perfection but don’t assume that just because they’re good, they’ll automatically get an ideal response. 

Given the importance of these pitches, finding the right technique is essential. Salespeople have to figure out which combination of tactics works best for them – and their target audience. Follow these tips for creating the perfect sales email or phone pitch.

Keep It Short

Nowadays, people get dozens of emails in a single day. If a sales pitch email goes on for more than one paragraph, people might lose interest quickly. Shorter emails are easier to read and get through quicker by recipients.

Make it Personal

The days of sales pitches consisting only of generic text or cookie-cutter scripts are long gone. Today, every sales email or phone pitch should add some personal note, which sets it apart.

Tell a Story

People like to be entertained, and stories are something that most people enjoy. A good sales pitch should tell some story, whether it’s about the company and its history or why someone should buy a particular product.

Use an Email Signature

People often don’t get through their entire inbox, leaving many emails unread. Include easy instructions on how people can contact back or return to the website by including a signature at the end of the email.

Deliver Value

No matter what people are selling, people want to know that it will benefit them somehow. People’s sales email or phone pitches should explain what they are getting and how they can help.

Be Genuine

A person’s pitch is more likely to be taken seriously if their intentions are clear. Be clear about what the person is getting and what type of relationship they can expect to have if they purchase.

Stay Away from Overused Text

As mentioned above, many people get dozens of emails, and they’re likely to be more bored by people who send out generic information. Use fresh examples, quotes, and other things to ensure that the email stands out from the crowd.

Add a Touch of Humor

The business world is often a solemn place. Adding humor can go a long way and might make people take the email more seriously.

Include an Offer or Coupon

People like getting free things, which are great for boosting sales, especially with niche items that might have only a small market. 10% off coupons can be another great way to showcase that it cares about its customers.

Proofread Everything

Even with all these tips, if the email isn’t easy to read due to typos, grammar mistakes, or other issues, it can ruin everything. Ensure that there aren’t any errors before it gets sent out and that the message is clear.

Use High-Quality Emailing Software

Spam filters are ubiquitous these days, so people might not get every email coming their way. Use a high-quality mailing service, and include a clear unsubscribe link at the bottom of every email.

A well-crafted sales email or phone pitch can bring a lot of business. Use these tips to help create one and hopefully boost success.